Selection is based on academics, related experience, references and an interview with program officials. The following list of prerequisite coursework must be complete at the time of application for consideration.

Postsecondary education requirements:

All applicants must have an Associates Degree (or higher), to include:

  • Chemistry (with laboratory)
  • College algebra (or higher level math)
  • General physics (math-based courses preferred including classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, thermodynamics, electromagnetism, and/or special relativity)
  • Human anatomy and physiology (with laboratory) -- As of 2018 these need to be 2 separate courses, each with their own laboratory.
  • Humanities course (e.g. art, theater, dance, film, history, poetry, comparative literature, geography, anthropology, ethics, etc)
  • Oral and written communications (e.g. English literature and a speech class)
  • Social science (e.g. psychology, political science, environmental studies, agriculture, nutrition, sociology, religious studies, woman's studies, African American studies, etc)
  • The NMTTP strongly encourages applicants to have some amount of clinical experience, volunteer or otherwise. In addition, US Citizens and Military Veterans shall be given selection preference.

    Will your coursework qualify? Click HERE for guidelines.